Hive mind

Just a small portion of my dad & his wife’s bee hives.

Just a small portion of my dad & his wife’s bee hives.

These are slab-built boxes I made last year as gifts for my family. I’m creating my own template with roofing paper in order to streamline the process of making more. Then, one day in the near future, my dad will be able to sell them along with his prize-winning honey. Yay bees!

Getting technical:
Both were made with Standard 182 stoneware. The patterns on the first box are made from a combination of Sanbao Studio underglaze decals and splotches of Amaco underglaze. On the second box, it’s underglaze with Spearmint glaze inside. Both have Sahara Clear on top and were fired to cone 6.

Form, function, fotography


I’ve begun to make these stoneware vases with flat sides so I could easily do photo lithographic prints on them using vintage photos and various patterns, and I’m really happy with how they’re coming out.

I have a few more on the way that range in size, and I’m working on a few personal commissions too. If you’re interested in one, email me! katiefrigginburk [at] gmail!

Stay tuned for more on my IG.

Tale of knitting past


Just about a million years ago (aka, this past February), I made this kerchief. The pattern and yarn are from Brooklyn Tweed. The tiny wooden tag was made on a Glowforge. Next up on the needles: A CARDIGAN. Update to come soon, if I’m lucky.



Product photography I did for a Back to School campaign for Swiss herbal supplement company, Dr. Dünner. Looking at these makes me feel so nostalgic, and I can just smell those little fruit-shaped erasers and freshly-sharpened pencils. 

For this shoot, I chose all of the props, set up the shots, photographed them, and then edited the photos. More shots here.



This urn was made for my very dear friend and amazing designer, Betsy Martin. Her two cats sadly passed away earlier this year, and so I decided to make something special to hold their ashes. Loss of a loved one [even if they have four legs, and even if they've had wonderful, long lives] is so incredibly hard. 

Made out of stoneware in a handbuilding class at District Clay Center, I then used underglaze decals with a mix of patterns. When you're creating work on a computer, you can pretty easily get straight, immaculate lines.... I really appreciate making things by hand for the natural variance and perfectly imperfect feeling you end up with. 

Stealing Souls


I can't claim I'm a great photographer in every aspect: I'm terrible at events, and I don't do landscapes or architecture any justice. Product shots are my real jam, but I also love taking headshots. Capturing someone's real smile, or a face they often make—making them look like their true selves, makes me extremely happy.

This dude here is my NOBODY coworker, Ryan. He's a hand-letterer and illustrator, and he sells some cool things on Etsy. And he loves pizza, obviously.

If you're in the DC area and want a headshot, message me!

Titles & Tigers


I often think about the ridiculous titles people choose for themselves. 'Graphic Designer' is the only label I'm really comfortable with, even though I do much more than that. I don't need to be a 'Design Experience Curator' or 'Social Content Expert'. Although, with all of the food I've made and photographed in the past few years at work, I think: damn! I need to add 'Visual Chef' to my title! With the help of Registered Dietician Beth Kennedy, a little behind-the-scenes camera magic, 3 semi-impatient hours, and a lot of beets, I made this Instagram-worthy smoothie.

Note: This was an outtake from it's meltier (...and more ferocious) phase.

As an added bonus, it was also edible. (If you like beets.)

All out

Back in 2015, I was extremely fortunate to be able to visit South Africa and Mozambique for my work with Nando's PERi-PERi. The markets and fabric shops full of beautiful shweshwe prints in Maputo were one of my favorite parts of the visit. Recently, I designed this peri peri chilli pattern, figured out how to print on fabric with an Epson P9000, then sewed it up into tote bags. The little wood tags and inlaid name coasters out of an African wood were made on a Glowforge. There is love and meaning behind each item. I'm happy with the outcome.

I'm still waiting

Did a little artist collaboration with writer/producer/person extraordinaire, Jennifer Mills. Together, we made these horrifyingly fun stickers of host Peter Sagal and scorekeeper Bill Curtis for a kids' edition of NPR & WBEZ’s Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me! 

Honey, I'm home


When my dad lost 16 of his beehives (along with many other possessions) in the Louisiana floods of 2016, I decided to make something nice for him and his wife after their home was put back together. This set includes six low bowls that will be perfect for jambalaya or crawfish étouffée, one large serving bowl, six mugs, and a spoon rest.

Knit one, purl one


Attempting to knit again with a goal of making holiday gifts, some of these hats turned out a little more janky than others. 

Stop motion


I'm thankful for the creative coworkers that helped me make this stop motion video for Nando's PERi-PERi. For a chicken company from South Africa, it's a stretch to make a connection to an American holiday revolving around a different kind of poultry. And so it was born, "A better way to heat up your leftovers", promoting their signature PERi-PERi sauce.

Between prop selection, grocery shopping, cooking an entire meal, photographing, and then post-production... 3 days of work for 8 seconds of video was totally worth it!

Game on

SixStix at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, LA

SixStix at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, LA

This past spring I happened upon the set of matchbox games I designed for Helvetiq at the Leopold Art Museum shop in Vienna, Austria. (I had a cow in the middle of the shop over it, too.)

Then, SixStix was spotted by family members in my hometown of Baton Rouge! Pretty cool. (Or hot? You know, matchstick jokes.)

More fun games with Helvetiq are on the horizon, and I am so excited to be a part of them. Stay tuned!

Playing in the mud

2017-07-20 18.31.22-2.jpg

Ceramics was one of my original loves in college, even before graphic design. The mix of form and function is what really draws me to it. I've picked it up again, having taken classes over the past year at Corcoran School of the Arts & Design. With hours upon hours in the studio, and many pieces that were complete failures (but learning experiences!), my countertops now overflow with my newly-fired friends.





I also bowl granny-style


It may have taken me two years, but I finally finished making this granny square crochet blanket. It's made of 182 squares, a whopping 6' x 7.5' in size. Boy, are my arms tired.

Everyone is Welcome campaign


Conceived during a time when people apply labels in inflammatory ways, we undertook a project with our client Nando's and made a manifesto from their statement of values. This manifesto encouraged others to take a stand with them, and reminded people that everyone is indeed welcome at their restaurants. Not only did it lift the spirits of local residents and Nando's employees, their sales went up by 122% and their brand awareness increased by 8%. In true Nando's fashion, half of all proceeds on Inauguration weekend went to a local charity.

I am proud to have been the team art director and designer on this project. This past week, we learned the campaign was shortlisted at Cannes Lions! Watch the video we created here.

Sew good


This week I made the Selja Knot Tee by Named Clothing. This was my first time sewing jersey material, and it wasn't as difficult as I had initially assumed it would be. 

(Although in complete honesty, the shirt in the photo was attempt #3. Third time's the charm?)

Island adventures

Claire & Ian's Last Sail Before the Veil

My very dear friend from the graphic design program at LSU, the wonderful Caymanian Claire, got hitched this past New Years and I designed cups for the joint bachelor / bachelorette boat party. A pirate-themed affair on Grand Cayman, the day was filled with sun, sting rays, and lots of libations.

Foto taking fotos

It's great to be able to step away from the computer for a while and design in real life. Here's a sneak peek of my recent photography work. More to come!

Krewe of Nobody

Looking forward to crawfish season again, and thinking back to a Louisiana-style crawfish boil we hosted at work. Being a Louisiana native, I helped plan the whole shindig, and also designed the invite. Complete with iconic symbols of DC, the makings of a crawfish boil, and the inside jokes of NOBODY, making this was a blast. We also had it screen printed onto cups for our kegs of Abita beer!